Get you and your work respected

by learning communication principles

In these online courses I guide you through methods that will help people:

  • Understand you
  • Acknowledge your ideas
  • Offer you opportunities and promotions
  • Courses also available as licences to Universities and Industry.

Photo of Prof Lucy Rogers wearing gold biker jacket. Image Credit: Karla Gowlett
  • Visibility

    If you are not seen or heard, your work will not be seen or heard.

  • Clarity

    Share your knowledge clearly and be succinct. Tell your audience only what they need to hear.

  • Insight

    Understand what your audience needs to know by listening and using feedback.

Boost your career with these online courses

Who is Prof Lucy Rogers?


What have a PhD in bubbles, hosting comedy shows, writing a book on Rocket Science, advising on innovations and being a judge on BBC Robot Wars got in common?

These are just some of the things I have enjoyed doing in my fun filled career. Combining engineering and communication skills has led me to become a Visiting Professor of Engineering: Creativity and Communication at Brunel University, London, and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Communication skills did not come naturally.

I did not see the point of  "soft skills".

I thought my reports would speak for themselves.

In my early career, I could chat with my technical colleagues no problem, but when I reported to managers, I could never get the response I wanted or even get my point across without, apparently, stabbing people with it.

I discovered that to play with the larger, more interesting projects, I would have to learn to "not speak geek". I attended many courses -  from storytelling to cartooning, script writing to stand-up. I then distilled the most useful hints and tips - especially those that worked when talking with non-technical people - and started sharing these secrets by mentoring and coaching others.

Effective Communication

My career has been boosted by effective communication. 

I am now bringing my unique perspective direct to your computer, giving you access to the secrets technical people need to know to get their message understood by a varied audience.

Unlock your communication potential today!