Get you and your work respected

by learning communication principles

In these online courses I guide you through methods that will help people:

  • Understand you
  • Acknowledge your ideas
  • Offer you opportunities and promotions
  • Courses also available as licences to Universities and Industry.

Photo of Prof Lucy Rogers wearing gold biker jacket. Image Credit: Karla Gowlett
  • Visibility

    If you are not seen or heard, your work will not be seen or heard.

  • Clarity

    Share your knowledge clearly and be succinct. Tell your audience only what they need to hear.

  • Insight

    Understand what your audience needs to know by listening and using feedback.

Who is Prof Lucy Rogers?


What have a PhD in bubbles, hosting comedy shows, writing a book on Rocket Science, advising on innovations and being a judge on BBC Robot Wars got in common?

These are just some of the things I have enjoyed doing in my fun filled career. Combining engineering and communication skills has led me to become a Visiting Professor of Engineering: Creativity and Communication at Brunel University, London, and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Communication skills did not come naturally.

I did not see the point of  "soft skills".

I thought my reports would speak for themselves.

In my early career, I could chat with my technical colleagues no problem, but when I reported to managers, I could never get the response I wanted or even get my point across without, apparently, stabbing people with it.

I discovered that to play with the larger, more interesting projects, I would have to learn to "not speak geek". I attended many courses -  from storytelling to cartooning, script writing to stand-up. I then distilled the most useful hints and tips - especially those that worked when talking with non-technical people - and started sharing these secrets by mentoring and coaching others.

Effective Communication

My career has been boosted by effective communication. 

I am now bringing my unique perspective direct to your computer, giving you access to the secrets technical people need to know to get their message understood by a varied audience.

Courses Available to Universities

These meet the Engineering Council's AHEP4 Communication (M17) requirements and contribute to the Teamwork (M16) and Technical Literature (M4) requirements

Suggested for use in First Year Engineering Degrees - flipped learning or additional resources

  • Presentation Skills - Basics
  • Presentation Skills - Upgrade
  • How to Summarise
  • Presenting Data - Verbal (inc slides and Q&A)
  • Evaluating Yourself and the Effectiveness of Different Communication Methods

Suggested for use in Second Year and above in Engineering Degrees - flipped learning or additional resources

  • Visibility
  • Listening With Both Ears
  • Presenting Data - Written Reports
  • Presentation Skills - Shine!

All courses include additional resources for staff: Practical workshop templates and mark schemes.

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